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JumpSac Baby Sling – 15 reasons on why every parent should own a JumpSac Ring Sling

JumpSac Baby Sling – 15 reasons on why every parents should buy and own a JumpSac Ring Sling

What is a Ring Sling / Baby Sling?
A Ring Sling is a baby carrier made from a strong piece of cloth (single / double layer) and attached with a pair of rings, to make it adjustable.

Are all ring slings in the market the same?
No. The difference is in the shoulder design, padded or non padded, fabric and prints selection, fabric width, fabric length, rings type (aluminium, nylon, steel, etc), rings size, rings strength, sling tail style, with or without pocket, zippered pocket or open pocket, etc.

So, what makes JumpSac Baby Ring Slings good, trusted and dependable ring sling?

9 Keeps both of your hands free


15 Key differentiators on what makes
JumpSac Ring Sling an outstanding,
wearable and functional baby sling / carrier
*All JumpSac slings and carriers are designed
and made in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia*

1 Breathable and airy – suitable for hot & tropical climates

10 Promotes good seating positioning for baby.

2 Easy to thread using Aluminium Rings

11 Easy to care for


3 Tastefully designed with Vast Fabric and Print selection


12 Built-in nursing cover. Fabulous for breast feeding


4 Can withstand up to 15kg of weight

13 Promotes bonding and Calms fussy babies.


5 FIVE wearing positions

14 Lightly Cushioned / Padded shoulder


6 Lightweight and Folds up compact

 15 Hidden / Discreet Zippered pocket


7 Comes with a matching MiniSac (mini tote) that fits nicely under arm.



8 Baby Friendly and Safe


1. Breathable and airy – suitable for hot & tropical climates
All fabrics used to produce of JumpSac Ring Slings are breathable, airy and suitable for hot & tropical climates, including the Raw Silk.

9. Keeps both of your hands free
The job of carrying your baby is now transferred to the cloth. You can have both of your hands free to hold your phone, bag, do other chores, etc. You can even reach up at higher places, because of the way the shoulder is designed. No more ‘trapped’ hands due to the fabric cupping the shoulders.

2. Easy to thread using Aluminium Rings
JumpSac Ring Slings are made using non-welded aluminium rings, in Large and Medium size. These sizes give ample room for easy threading, and still grip the fabric well.

10. Promotes good seating positioning for baby.
JumpSac ring sling allows optimum sitting positioning, which is to maintain the leg-abducted position, as opposed to the usual hang-by-the-crotch baby carriers widely available in the market. The key is to wear your baby with the baby’s bum lower than the baby’s knees.

3. Tastefully designed with Vast Fabric and Print selection
Every ring sling is designed tastefully using these fabric Pure Linen, Linen Blend (Linen/Cotton, Linen/Rayon, Linen/Ramie), Raw Silk, Soft Cotton, Sturdy Cotton, Graphical Prints in Cotton. Product Series can be seen here. They’re beautiful and suitable for occasions.

11. Easy to care for
All of JumpSac Ring Sling are machine washable, with exception to the Luxury Linen Series and Raw Silk Series, which we recommend to handwash / dry clean to maintain the beauty of the exclusive fabrics.

4. Can withstand up to 15kg of weight
JumpSac ring slings with can withstand up to 15kg of weight (with exception to the Lush Series and Botanica/Seafoam) which are meant for newborns and smaller babies. They can withstand up to a recommended weight of 10-11kg weight.

12. Built-in nursing cover. Fabulous for breast feeding
The ring sling tail can be used as a nursing cover. You can nurse your baby in cradle carry or in tummy to tummy position. The ring sling works wonders for nursing especially when you’re wearing a proper nursing top.

5. FIVE wearing positions
You can wear your baby is these positions: Tummy to Tummy, Hip, Cradle, Back and Kangaroo carry.
Refer here for the JumpSac ring sling wearing instructions.

13. Promotes bonding and Calms fussy babies.
Some babies just require extra attention from their parents. Apart from helping to bear the child’s weight, the sling promotes bonding, and allows warmth being transferred from the parent’s / caregiver’s body to the baby’s body – which helps to calm high-needs babies as well.

6. Lightweight and Folds up compact
All of our ring sling are lightweight and folds up real small, for easy transport and storage. You can definitely store it in your diaper bag, hand bag, etc. (Raw Silk folds up the smallest – the size of your palm)

14. Lightly Cushioned / Padded shoulder
All JumpSac Ring Sling are quipped with a light padding / cushioning on the shoulder, to ensure comfort on your shoulder. This is a key feature which is great for long wearing!

7. Comes with a matching JumpSac MiniSac (mini tote bag) that fits nicely under arm.
The MiniSac can be used to store your ring sling when it is not in use. When in use, the tote can now be used to keep other stuff, like your wallet, handphone, keys, etc, and it fits nicely under your arm. For every JumpSac ring sling purchased, you are eligible to purchase the gorgeous matching MiniSac from RM10 only.

15. Hidden / Discreet Zippered pocket
All JumpSac Ring Sling comes with a hidden zippered pocket, subtly placed at the sling tail. You can use it to keep your money, credit cards, keys, lipstick, handphone, diaper, wipes. For short trips, you don’t even have to bring along your wallet and diaper bag! Can you guess where the pocket is?

8. Baby Friendly and Safe Aluminium rings
The aluminum rings used are strength-tested, non-welded and non-toxic. Dyes on the fabric selections are non-toxic as well. So, it is safe for you to use on your baby, and even for your baby to chew on!



Every parent and caregivers should own at least 1 piece of this gorgeous and useful baby carrier.
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Most Asked Questions

Q: What's the weight limit of the ring sling/carrier?
A: You can wear your child from newborn to maximum 15kg (for JumpSac ring sling) and up to 20kg (for JumpSac Mei Tai and JumpSac Orbit carrier), or for as long as you can comfortably carry them, whichever is lower. Weight limit varies depending on fabric used.

Q: How do I know whether the ring sling is going to fit me or not?
A: Please refer to "Sizing" section.

Q: I'm new. It's overwhelming. Where do I start?
A: Please refer to "I'm New" article. 

Q: There are so many choices! How do I know which one is for me?
A: Please refer to "What's Your Sac?" article.

Q: What are the key features of JumpSac Ring Sling?
A: Please refer to this "Key Differentiators of JumpSac ring sling" article.

Q: How do I wear my baby in the JumpSac ring sling?
A: Please refer to "Wearing Instructions" section.

Q: Where to buy JumpSac slings/carriers other than here?
A: Refer to list of JumpSac Baby retailers.  

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